Holiday Dental Care

The holidays are in full swing, and that means food, food, and even more food! This time of year you are surrounded by cookies, treats, and an abundance of holiday foods. While all you may want to do is try a piece of everything, you and your children must also think about your dental health. Here at Fluellen Roberts Family Dentistry, we want to provide as much information as possible to keep those teeth shiny white. If you will be eating holiday treats, make sure to brush your teeth and flush very soon afterward. There is a great amount of sugar in these types of treats and if that sugar sits in your mouth it can cause decay which ultimately leads to cavities.

Next, mulled wine is a popular drink during the holiday season. Who doesn’t love a glass of spiced hot wine? While this is a very tasty holiday special, you must remember what it can do to your teeth. Wine stains teeth very easily especially if you are drinking it without a straw. You may have experienced this in the past. But, there are ways to avoid this. Try to use a straw is there is one accessible, or if there is not then brush your teeth very shortly after drinking the wine. Another tip to avoid mulled wine staining your teeth is to drink a sip of water in between each drink. These will help break up the wine on your teeth and avoid the unfortunate stains!

Lastly, if you have not already then be sure to make your end of year appointment with Dr. Fluellen or Dr. Roberts. We know how important dental benefits are, and we would hate to see them go to waste! All dental benefits expire at the end of the year, so call our front office staff today at 972-231-8241 to get you and your family a spot secured!

We wish you a happy holiday season from everyone here at Fluellen Roberts Family Dentistry!