Bad Breath? Kiss it Goodbye!

Do you suffer from bad breath? Well good news, this July is national kissing month so our dentists here at Fluellen Roberts Family Dentistry in Richardson, TX are here to give you guidance on how to manage it. Halitosis is the official name for bad breath and it is way more common than many people would think. Bad breath can occur from many different things including not flossing, not brushing your teeth, eating particular foods, and even from some specific diseases.  While this may seem a little frightening, Fluellen Roberts Family Dentistry in Richardson TX and Dr. Fluellen and Dr. Roberts have a few tips for you:

  1. Brush your teeth minimum of morning and night
  2. Floss every day
  3. Use a tongue scraper
  4. Use a mouth wash- preferably non-alcoholic
  5. Avoid tobacco products
  6. Eat less sugar
  7. Visit your dentists twice a year here at Fluellen Roberts Family Dentistry

No one wants bad breath this summer, so call us today to make your next appointment for a cleaning at 972-231-8241.