June is National Smile Month!

June is here which means summer is here as well! We kick off this month with National Smile Month which honors and promotes healthy smiles around the country. Our hardworking doctors Dr. Roberts and Dr. Fluellen at Fluellen Roberts Family Dentistry located in Richardson, TX want to ensure you are coming to your bi-annually dental appointments and following these three very important key tips for national smile month.

  1. Make sure brushing your teeth is the very last thing you do at night and first thing in the morning with a fluoride toothpaste.
  2. Ensure you cut down on the amount of sugary food and drink you have and how often they are consumed
  3. Make an appointment with the doctors at Fluellen Roberts Family Dentistry every 6 months, or when recommended.

Make sure you are following these tips year long, not just during the month of June. Oral health is an everyday job! Call our office today to schedule your biyearly appointment at 972-231-8241